08/03/2011 15:30

POM day 3-4

Yesterday’s middle distance at POM (WRE) was again a very interesting competition, as the terrain was full with stones and cliffs, small and big ones. In such a terrain it is not easy for a mapmaker, as he has just limited symbols. So, you often don’t know which stone size you should expect from the map.

However, I had a confident start and got a good speed for today’s task. Even there were many stones, the runability was still very good in most places, and of course the visibility, so I tried to look far ahead to see from far, where I have to go.

I tried to find my concept for every control, which worked out at most controls, but not at all of them.

To the eight control, I wanted to stay on the small path till the single tree, but the undergrowth didn’t stop, so I didn’t exactly know when to turn to the right from the path and the single tree was somewhere else J Even the stone at the control was still in undergrowth. After a small round, I could see it.

To control 13, I was heading towards another single tree, which was looking the same, but was a little bit further right on the nose. It had the same shape, as far as I can remember, but wasn’t mapped.

To control 14, I headed on top of the hill, from where I hoped I could see the flag, but instead of looking carefully, I just continued straight and then, had to go back.

Afterwards, it was time to focus again and get clear concepts, which worked out pretty well.

It seems, as most runners could have done better, so 12th place is fine, but still not good enough…

Map WRE-middle: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=65

The last day was again in similar terrain as the middle distance the previous day, but as there were many long legs and not alway in the most difficult areas, especially the first part was rather easy, one had more time to prepare the following control. My legs already felt tired from the days before, but I wanted to make a good final performance. To control 20 I made some extra meters, as I was already one valley further than expected, but otherwise I am satisfied with the final day. In total, I ended up on place 8. Unfortunately, the weather turned to a rainy day, however, the organizers did a very good work and offered challenging competitions in an interesting terrain.

Tomorrow, I'm going back home to prepare (or recover) for the Austrian Cross Country Championships on Sunday.

Map day4 - long: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=66