16/02/2010 17:40

POM - heavy but happy legs in the end

Today's Middle distance was hold in the fastest terrain of POM 2010. With very good runability and visibility (except of a few control sites), you were not "allowed" to make mistakes. I tried to take out the maximum of the power in my legs, which was not that much anymore after some demanding days. Anyway, I had again a good technical race with no real mistake. As some runners started very late, I don't know my final position, something about 10. Mamleev, who was one of the latest starters, would have been number 1 or 2 in the total ranking, but the organisers themself didn't have the current result list during the price giving ceremony. That's why I was called for the fourth place, instead of the fifth. Before today's race I was on the 8th place, with the goal to run among the top 5. "Punktlandung"

Dani Hubmann was the fastest today It took him only 33minutes for 7,8km. I stayed for 36:05 in the forest, but below one minute behind the third.

100216 POM 4 map.jpg (474,3 kB)

I think our team had good training and competition days and we are waiting for the next challenges :)