13/02/2013 15:46

POM time

If you like to run between stones, boulders, cliffs, etc. Portugal O-meeting 2013 was the place to be. Again, the POM competitions were on a high level, offering even two sprints this time along the standard 4 days (long - middle - middle - long chasing start).

As I didn't want to run 6 competitions within 4 days, I skipped the first sprint, but having a lot of fun in the second sprint in Monsanto.

Running again a few competitions in Turkey next week, I focused on the middle distances and the Monsanto-sprint. Most important was of course the World Ranking Event on Monday. After inefficiences to control 4 and 5, I had a solid race, finishing on 12th spot, but not too far behind (at least not behind the second).

After the days at POM with my Pan teammates, I was back for two days in Lissabon, enjoying hospitality of Miguel R. Silva - thanks, before I'll go back to Sweden. But already on Sunday I'll be heading towards the south again, Turkey this time.

Maps Portugal O-meeting

Results POM

If you have not that much time to visit southern Europe, but want to spend some training or competition days in southern Sweden, you are welcome to Kristianstad - Åhus area.


Sverige-Prämieren i orientering 2013: 1-3 Mars