05/03/2011 13:58

Portugal O-meeting_day1

1st day of POM 2011 is done. The lovely surroundings of the Coudelaria (famous horse farm) offered a suitable start and finish area. The runability was very good, so the running time were pretty fast (below 5min/km) on the 14,6km and 665 meters of climbing course. I am satisfied with my race, sometimes I could have gone straighter (control 9) but the vegetation was denser in this places as expected. Although the sunny weather from the last days has disappeared, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next days.

Map: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=55

Results: www.gd4caminhos.com/temp/2011-03-05_POM_stage1_results.html