15/02/2010 17:54

Portugal - where is the sun?

After some months without any serious competition, I started my international season 2010 with the POM in Figueira da Foz. Since my last article, I took part in a New Year Eve's run and some nice regional competitions in Austria, most of them with snow.

The snow, and low temperatures are the reason why so many orienteers are going to iberian peninsular for training camp. I joined the Austrian national O-squad to 12 days camp in Sao Pedro da Muel and Figueira da Foz. In the first week, we had some interesting technique and interval trainings, selected by our coaches Markus Kössler and our new elite chief coach Rolf Gemperle from Switzerland. He could be the man, and I hope he will be, who pushes the Austrian team as a whole in the right direction, beginning from the youth upwards.

Afterwards we changed our nice apartments in Agua de Madeiros to typical Portuguese apartments. Typical means, no continuous heating and thin walls. Anyway, the typcial electrical heaters did their best. But that's ok, I like it to live like residents :) At least we have some positive degrees celsius and no snow. And althought the sun was not our companion all the time, it hardly ever rained during the trainings or competitions.

The competitions in Portugal O-meeting.

Saturday 1st day: Long distance, 12 km

I had a solid race, just a few smaller mistakes, a stupid one to control 26. Place 10. Time: 62:42  Winner: Daniel Hubmann 57:17

100213 POM 1 map.jpg (496,3 kB)


Saturday evening: Night sprint, 2,9km 26 controls

I tried to run full speed, but had to slow down quite often in the narrow streets, as map reading with that many controls, and the course crossing that often, was quite difficult. Anyway, very interesting and challenging. With 16:51, I took the third place, 35 seconds behind the winner Jerker Lysell.

100213 POM Night map.JPG (1,6 MB)


Sunday: World Ranking Event, Middle distance, 7,1km 33:13minutes, 15th place, winner: Thierry Gueorgiou 31:00

With about 250 starters in men elite, we saw a very strong participant field, with reverse starting order from current WRE-standing and 1 minute start interval (with butterfly) making it very exciting. I really focused on this competition during POM (as maybe most of the runners) and could perform quite well. Just on the first and fourth leg I could have taken more time to find a better route through the forest. I managed to stay focused through the whole course and could select the most important features from the detailed map. The terrain itself was very very fast, as on every competition day. Unfortunately, I didn't finish the course without one real mistake. To control 24 I got too far to the right and it took me some time to relocate, losing about 20-30 seconds. With a final 15th place (ok, Dani and Baptiste are disqu), but I was satisfied, being "only" 2:13 behind Gueorgiou.

Anyway, it was just the beginning of the season, with the highlights coming later in the summer.

100214 POM 2 map.JPG (3,2 MB)


Monday: Long distance, 15km, 83minutes, winner: I don't know, Hertner had about 74min

With some heavy legs, I was not able to stay concentrated throughout the whole course. During the second butterfly, second loop, I lost some time (controls 23 and 24).

100215 POM 3 map.jpg (908,2 kB)


Well, tomorrow we face last competition in POM 2010, before our team is going back to Austria on Wednesday. Back to the snow :) back to well heated rooms. Back to you :)

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