08/08/2010 23:28

race hui, place hm in WOC sprint

The qualification race in WOC sprint was my first competition since 5 weeks, so I didn't really know in which shape I would be after my injury. Anyway, I had a good feeling ahead of the race, but was already quite unsecure in my route choice to the second control. This continiued throughout the whole course and I was always to far behind in my orienteering as I wanted to be. In the finish, it was a nervous waiting for the final results. Firstly, I got disappointed when I was not announced in heat C. Then I checked the result list, which finally appeared and wanted to know how much I missed the final. But surprisingly, I couldn't even find my name on the list, but could see, that I should have made it. Some minutes later everything was clear, and I was luckily on 14th position.

In the final, I had a much better feeling from the beginning on and managed to make the route choices in advance. I think most of them were pretty good, except to control 14. In most other cases, it was pretty the same, left or right, you just had to decide fast and run, run, run. That's why it was a very close result in the end - congrat Matthias :)  With 62 seconds behind, I finished on place 22. With that gap to the winner I already had much better placings ;)

After a rest day, I'll aim for a final place in the long distance qualification.

100808 Sprint Qali C WOC map.jpg (1,1 MB)

100808 Sprint Final WOC map.jpg (1,2 MB)