29/09/2010 14:29

reg. CISM Middle distance

up and down, up and down. Not as steep as yesterday, but again we were facing a lot of climbing meters and steep slopes on the second day of the regional CISM in Corinthia. Middle distance with 5km and 260 meters of cimbing were waiting in Töplitsch. Today, I was more accurate in the control areas and had no severe troubles. But I think it was not easy for the course setter to offer difficult control sites because the runability and visibilty were quite good in most areas. I am happy that I managed to turn the result from yesterday and take the victory in 32:53.

Map link: Reg. CISM Karte Mittel.jpg (939,2 kB)

my route: yellow line

Markus: blue interrupted line

Robert: blue dots