10/05/2009 19:10

Regional Sprint Championships

Last saturday, I had the possibility to organise the "burgenländische and steirische Sprint-Championships" in my home-commune Pinggau. I was one of the map makers and we tried to apply ISSOM 2007. Furthermore, I was responsible for the courses. Most competitors were satisfied with both, map and courses. As I have thought, that it is not too tricky and consequently I have set many controls with a lot direction changes, many participants were happy with the challenging tasks. Of course, I know the terrain and maybe underestimated the difficulties. Don't get me wrong, I don't think now that it was too difficult, contrary, I am happy that it was challenging.

Maybe the courses were a little bit too long, as the winning times were a little bit higher than 12-15 minutes, some seconds (men) or minutes (women) higher. With Matthis Müller and Julia Bauer we saw strong runners on the top of the podium. All in all, I was satisified with the organisation of the competition, due to the support of my club colleagues.

I also have to mention the negative aspects. Many, I really have to say many (at least a lot more than expected), violated orienteering rules. Not only ISSOM 2007 rules, but also common orienteering rules, as passing "impassable fences" (forbidden to cross) and private areas (olive green). Additionally, "walls forbidden to cross" and "water courses forbidden to cross" were passed. As we appealed to fair play, we did not put controllers out to the terrain. I have to give the title "Fair Play Man" to Tobias Killmann to disqualified himself in the finish as he recognised that he passed a "wall forbidden to cross". I hope that many runners think again about their behavior and try to apply orienteering rules next time.

090509 Sprint Pinggau H 15-.pdf (444,8 kB)
090509 Sprint Pinggau D 15-.pdf (443,8 kB)