11/04/2010 18:11

regional (ultra) long

Last saturday, we had regional ultra long championship organised in Dt. Kaltenbrunn. As we we would not have that many starters, our ultra long championships regularly don't earn the title ultra long. But as I have many many competitions, I'm happy that they are not that long and I am happy to participate anyway.

Although it was difficult to find the start triangle on the map, I enjoyed the course and the forest (I tried to avoid passing the thorn fields) and focused on constant running speed. At the refreshment control, I caught Helmut. Although we took different route choices to many following controls, we mostly met again at the control site. Two the third last control, the more right route would have been faster and to the second last control, going far left would have been the better choice. I lost many seconds in the valley, and trying to get out and reach the path on the right site of it.

Although David Schneider was nearly 5 minutes faster (I ran 73min), I was satisfied with my orienteering. If my running speed has improved, I'll find out during the next weeks. On saturday, we will meet again in Vienna, for Austrian sprint championship.

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