21/09/2009 21:57


Last weekend was quite competition and travel intensive.

Saturday: Relay at CISM in Estonia; 3,5 hours bus ride, flight to Vienna via Frankfurt, 1a.m. Sunday: jump into bed

Sunday morning: jump out of bed, Austria Championship Relay in Witzelsberg

At CISM Relay I was first runner in my team with Markus and Wolfgang. My goal was keep in touch with the leading teams, but already at control two, I lost it and added somer mistakes until the first spectators passage (place 30). I just couldn't see the second control. I was quite sure to be in the right valley. When I returned after ~one minute, I could see the flag and was quite surprised that I was at nearly same place again, but most of the other teams were out of sight. I managed to catch some runners, but with nearly 5 minutes, the gap to the leading team was much higher than expected. Finally, our team finished on place 17, one place worse than in 2008.

The second and third part was technically fine. In all three competitions I could show a good performance during most of the parts but I didn't manage to finish one very good technical race, which would be necessary for me to be in top 10, as I lose too much physically.

Austria's Relay championship was completely different for our team (Bindi, Markus and me). Our clear goal was to defend last year's victory and another medal for our second team. As it was very technically, we saw a lot of changes during the competition which made it really interesting. It is only a small area, but definitely one of the best terrains we have, I think, and in contrast to Estonia, with excellent runability. After some dramas on the third last control (in women's and men's race), our club won gold and bronze medal, with OLC Graz winning silver on the last controls. I was happy to have been able also this year to defend, in relay together with my friends, all four Austrian Championship titles. I know, also this series will come to an end, but I will try to postpone it as long as possible.

Results Austrian Relay Championship

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