09/04/2009 09:37

road to WOC in Miskolc...

One day after the track test, I joint the National Team training camp in Betliar (Slovakia). As most of the trainings were organised on the Slovakian side of the Aggtelek mountains (location of long distance final), our team decided to stay in a nice EU-confinanced accommodation next to Betliar castle. From Sunday to Thursday we had a good structured variation in trainings: some sprint, middle and long distance exercises. Especially the sprint trainings at competition speed were informative as we had the possibility to compare with the Swiss team.

Technically, the trainings were not that difficult as you were able to see most controls from some hundred meters distance, as the trees were still without leaves. If you were able to keep the right distance after leaving or passing the depressions, the "mistake-potential" was already enormously reduced. At this time of the year most medium and even dark green passages were still passable, this might change a little bit until WOC in August. 

In an intervall-training (5 loops) on the map Silica it was possible to find out when you run out of control your technique as the running speed was increased steadily.

I left the training camp with quite good self-confidence, but I have also an injury in my luggage. I feel some pain in my left knee. It seems to be some kind of imflammation. I hope it will disappear after some days without running. I don't want to carry it with me for some months.

 090406 Mitteldistanz Silica.jpg (2 MB)