09/01/2013 10:31

WC Sprint - below 20

Yesterday's World Cup Sprint final in Wellington led us around the parks and buildings of the government house, an unique possibility.

With a winning time of 17:52 by a flying M. Kyburz, it was one of the longest WC sprints in history I guess. But it was anything but boring during my 19:39min race. Again, many narrow paths, some stairs, impassable fences and walls, close to passable fences and walls, and that from the very beginning onwards. Additionally, decisive route choices throughout the whole race (especially controls 3, 4 and 7), contributed to a challenging competition. During the race, you don't have any idea if you are doing some good or bad decisions, you can only guess and wait for the feedback on the finishline. I got a satisfying 15th place in the end, losing most time to the 4th and 7th control. My choice to the 4th wouldn't have been bad, I think, but somehow I missed the passage through the green (or was afraid of it) and had to go back.

Climbing the hill to the 7th, I already got an idea, that this might have been a suboptimal choice, which turned out to  be right. At least, I wasn't the only one losing some time there. Spending some training days now, I'm looking forward to the WC event on sunday.

Map WC Sprint Final Part 1

Map WC Sprint Final Part 2