18/10/2010 10:00

season 2010 - over

Austria cup 2010 is over. We had the two last competitions last weekend close to Linz, including the Austrian night championship on Saturday. I reached my goal, defending the night-title from last year, ahead of Klaus Schgaguler and Erik Simkovics. I think, we had an interesting terrain, with a lot of stones and cliffs, but also with a lot of paths, which made life much easier. Contrary, without reflectors it got more difficult. On the one hand, you could easily miss the flag my some meters, but on the other hand, I already could see the flag from many meters, when other runners were punching ahead of me. It was important to slow down at the “relevant” passages, taking clear attack points when entering the stony area, especially, when there was some green surrounding and reading the control description.

3: Passing the control a few meters on the left, ending up at the stone wall, correcting to the wrong side, coming back after one minute, going a little bit further, punching

9: unsecure about the direction when entering the forest, jumping from one stone field to another (many thanks to David Schneider, starting early, putting the control at the right location)

14: no exact concept when leaving the path, passing the flag on the left, relocating at the end of the path, going back up, punching

All in all, I enjoyed running again in the night, feeling physically strong (without heavy legs)

101016 ÖM Nacht.jpg (2,1 MB)


Next day, last Austria cup, same terrain. As I had no chance to take the overall victory (the best 7 out of 10 count, I had 6), it was not that important, but still, I wanted to perform well again. The course was really fine with some longer legs and some shorter in the difficult stony areas. Nice, that we had a 1:15.000 scale, I think the map was really good (unfortunately there was a very recent cutting at control 9).

All in all, I had no problems to attack the controls, I just lost some seconds due to my route to control 17 and at 18, I was too far down already.

Klaus took revenge that day, becoming first ahead of Christian W. and me. What made me even happier, Patrizia became second in women’s elite.

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