25/04/2010 21:31


In the morning, taking part at Seebenstein's first mountain trophy, in the afternoon at the legendary "Birnbauer Gedenklauf". This was the program of last saturday, the tough end of a high intensity training week.

Seebenstein, the village of our army base, that's why we've chosen to take part in these competitions. As the mountain trophy had only 3,45 km and 230 climbing meters, it was possible that the legs recovered for the 7,5km corss run in the park. I could win the palm, in both, mountain and cross race, but this of course depends on who is taking part. My goal in the park race was to improve my last year's time, independent of the mountain race in the morning. I could reach my goal and finished in 23:21 (last year: 24:00).

The finest thing was to share the top place of the podium in the mountain trophy with Patrizia.

After three days of a seminar with the Fachhochschule Wr. Neustadt in Reichenau I will go to Sweden, taking part in ES sprint and Tiomila :) I'm convinced that our team, Helsingin suunnistajat, will do much better than last year....

Results Seebenstein

Results Mountain run: Seebenstein Berglauf.pdf (42,1 kB)