06/07/2010 13:36

sitting at home and doing...

...nothing. sitting at home and keeping my ankle up on the table. Well, that's what I will be doing this week after twisting my ankle in Austria's Long distance Championship in Tyrol last sunday. The competition was organised in a newly mapped terrain, a very demanding terrain, both, physically and technically. The ground surface in the stony and hilly area of the first butterfly was everything but nice. So many little and bigger holes hidden by the ground vegetation made it quite difficult to do both at the same time, run and look on your map. Unfortunately, being once not careful enough, I twisted my right ankle on the way down to control 11 and I could hear some strange noise coming either from my active ankle protector or my ankle itself. Unfortunately, it came from the latter.

After some painful seconds I tried to continue the race, but after a big mistake and twisting the ankle again on the way to control 15, which was even more painful, I stopped my race and started a slowly walk back to the finish, cooling the ankle in some small mountain river. As the pain was not that big as in former years, I hoped that nothing was torn, but there was still that strange "noise" I heard... When I was coming back to the finish, I sat down next to Markus, who even had a "fatter" right ankle from the previous day's competition.

Next morning, at our sport doctor, I got the frustrating news. One of the ligaments is torn, making a start at the University World Champs impossible. Markus got the same diagnosis: same torn ligament in the right ankle. Well, that was not a good outcome of one weekend's competitions, but we hope to be back on track until the WOC in Trondheim in August.

I have been running with the active ankle protectors for many years now. In 2005, I got them broken by twisting my ankle to the inside, which rarely happens I guess (at WOC in Japan), resulting in a half year break. I always have been a fan of them and still will be, but they don't protect you when you twist the ankle to the front outside, what happened this time. Bad luck.


100704 ÖSTM Lang.jpg (432,2 kB) (sorry for the bad quality: for better quality look www.klausschgaguler.net/doma/show_map.php?user=sgaga&map=27 (Klaus Schgaguler's route)