26/09/2010 15:10

Slovenia - France

The World Cup final is coming closer and closer. That’s why Patrizia and me decided to spend some training days in Slovenia. The Long distance in Annecy, as the WOC next year, is expected to be in a stony and very small detailed area. This year’s Orienteering Online Cup in Slovenia also offered challenging areas and they might have similarities to the French terrain. Definitely, they are technically very challenging in most parts. How does it look like? Well, a lot of smaller and bigger depressions, knolls, stones, cliffs, a few paths, many many contour lines. We will see, how similar the French terrain will be compared to that one in Slovenia. Anyway, I can strongly recommend many areas in Slovenia for training camps and/or competitions, for example Orienteering Online Cup 2011 (it might be a good final preparation end of July for WOC 2011).

Some training maps:

100925 Podvin.jpg (511,1 kB)

Velikik plana plateau (on 1500m altitude):

100926 Warm up.jpg (796,3 kB)
100926 Training1.jpg (371,1 kB)
100926 Training2.jpg (947,8 kB)

Autumn is coming...