16/09/2012 21:09

SM Lang

Promising qualification, promising two thirds in the final, disappointing last third in the final. That's the shor version of my performances at this weekend's Swedish Long distance Championships.

In both competitions the terrain and the course were very challenging. A stony underground everywhere didn't make "life" easier. Additionally to the many details, especially in some parts of the final, map reading was quite difficult. But still, I enjoyed to run in the terrain with nearly no paths and mostly good visibility.

From each of the 4 heats in the qualification 10 runnres qualified for the A-final. I got a second place in the third heat, thus pushing my motivation to reach my goal of a top 10 place in the final. The start into the final was ok, and also at the tricky controls, including those in the butterfly I didn't have severe problems. Several times I was insecure in the control area, thus losing a few seconds, but it was nothing in comparsion to my mistake to the 23 conrol, which added additional 4 minutes to my running time. With another bigger mistake to the 28th control, all my hopes of a Top 10 place have gone.

Usually, I'm losing more time on longer legs in such competitions and have rather good split times on shorter more difficult legs, but this time it was different. Good leg times on the longer ones were accompanied by poore ones. Instead of a possible 4th position I finished on the 14th place, but also others made mistakes.... So, let's look forward, after Alpen Adria Cup in Austria next weekend, I'll come back to the Swedish Ultralong Championships. I'm really looking forward to the 23km...

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