31/10/2011 21:21


The relay „Smalandskavlen“ concluded my orienteering season 2011. It was the first time I participated in this 5 men relay. Two individual night races, then a chasing start for the three remaining runners per team. I liked this type of relay, as you don’t have to run when you’re usually are sleeping ;)

I got the last leg to run. My Pan-Kristianstad team mates, Jakob, Harri, Andreas and Rasmus did an excellent work and sent me out on the fifth place. Except of the two leading teams, the gaps between the runners were still small. The first and the last part of the course were hold in a very fast runnable terrain, but the middle section included some climbing and dense vegetation in between. After the first part, I was still in touch with the third place, but a suboptimal route choice to the 12th control and some mistakes afterwards threw me back some places (7-10). On my view, the third last control was some kind of “unfair forking” on a last leg, as one control was clearly prioritized compared to two others. Luckily, I had the shorter version, together with Yury Tambasau and we fighted for the 7th and 8th place. As the remaining two controls were easy, we had a very long sprint J to go to the finish. Anyway, I didn’t want to lose that sprint. I punched the last control behind Yury and was still behind him during the uphill part. On the flat part, I got closer and closer and crossed the finish line on the same time as he did. Unfortunately, the video camera showing the finish line from the side was not in work anymore. Both teams were ranked on the 7th place. However, it was a good experience for me to run the last leg in a bigger relay in a good starting position. Of course, I wanted to keep at least my starting position, but I failed and lost some more minutes, so I am not satisfied with my performance on that day, but the 7th place in total is fine.

Currently, I am spending some training days in EOC 2012 area.

Results Smalandskavlen

Map Smalandskavlen (5th leg)