16/03/2016 09:00

Soon getting an upgrade...

...I am working on getting a new personal record in amount of flights during a season. So far, I am doing well, by going on training camps here and there. Don't get me wrong, achieving many flights is nothing being proud off, due to environmental reasons. But going by car wouldn't make it better.

What happend during the last months?

Currently, I am in Switzerland, participating in the running tests of the Swiss national team. Thanks to Dr. Peter Züst and the coaches, I got the possibility to comapre myself with the best team, in two treadmill tests and a terrain running test. The results? Satisfying and as expected. It gave a good feedback on my previous winter training and where a stronger focus in the training could be.

(that's what I call breakfast room :)

Nearly the whole February, I spent in Spain. First on a national team camp in Barbate, the first time with our new national team coach Åke Jönsson.

(we didn't just lie on the beach...)

Then on a short running camp on Mallorca and the last week with Pan-Kristianstad in Caravaca de la Cruz.

The last part was introduced with the participation in the Costa Calida, a competition weekend consisting of a long, a sprint and a middle distance chasing start event. The long distance didn't bring the expected season-kick-off-competition start for myself. More ore less, every route choice I took turned out to be wrong... The sprint in the historic old town of Caravaca was challenging as usual in a Mediterranean city and in the middle distance I was already getting closer to the best times. Of course, I hoped for better results, but I know that it's not worth to overestimate the results from this time of the year.

As I am a memember again of the Austrian military sport orienteering group, thanks for this possibility, I tried to raise my training amount during December and January by increasing my cross-country skiing sessions, which was a welcome alternative in training.

As usual during the winter training, I participated in some running competitions. With 8:52 on 3000m I didn't get a world record but at least a new personal best time, as well as on a 5000m New Year's Eve race in 15:27.

Furthermore, I did a treadmill 5% uphill test in early December, at the Robert Enne institute in Vienna - nice atmosphere as always - where I achieved a slightly improvement as well.

So far, I am very satisfied with the winter training and I am looking forward to an exciting season with several highlights.

In the next weeks, a 5000m track test is waiting, training camp with the national team in Czech Republic, a short visit in the WOC area, before the first bigger event is giving some feedback about this year's cards, the Swedish League in Brösarp, just a few miles from our wonderful training areas along the Åhus coast.

Until then, I will continue collecting some bonus miles....

Ma  p Costa Calida Long distance

Map Costa Calida Sprint distance

 Map Costa Calida Middle distance chasing start