28/03/2011 10:13

Spring Cup Relay - what a drama


After yesterday’s Springcup Relay, some questions, concerning rules, have arisen for me.

Background: the first three teams of Men’s Open Relay were in danger to be disqualified:

Vaajakosken Terä due to a missing punch on the SI card, IFK Göteborg and our team, Pan Kristianstad, due to crossing an embargoed area. From my point of view, strictly applying every rule, all three teams would have had to be disqualified.

VT: in the finish, Jonne’s read out showed a misspunch, but after some complaints, that he was definitely at the control, the organizers decided to read out the SI-station in the forest, and as the unit said, that he was there, the punching was approved. VT was the fastest of the day, so from sportsmanship – view, they earned the victory. Concerning rules, put me right if I am wrong, one has to use the manual punching system, if the electronic punching is not working – fact.

IFK and Pan: they obviously, but without recognizing, crossed an area, marked as forbidden on the map. Jakob wore the GPS device, but Francois said they were more or less together. Strictly seen, if you cross a forbidden area, on purpose or not, you shall be disqualified. After a protest, the jury followed the protest.

The questions that appear for me:

-) If 10 runners are announced to wear a trac trac unit, but some don’t take it, independent of the reason, shall they be disqualified automatically or not?

-) As a result, not everybody can be watched on the screen. Consequently, some could pass a forbidden area without anybody noticing, while other cannot, because the trac trac knows the truth. So shall something be accepted as prove, that cannot be used for everybody in the same way in the same competition?

-) For instance, if you enter an embargoed area, recognize it after some meters and turn, shall you be disqualified?

However, I am happy to be member in a strong team that was fighting for the victory.

The day before, the classic distance was on schedule:

After a difficult week, my body felt completely empty and tired on Tuesday, I didn’t know what to expect.  And as usually a high running speed is required in this type of forest, I felt somehow uncomfortable, but I tried to make the best out of it.

At the training on Friday, thanks to Thomas Jensen, I felt that things were getting better. With high motivation and concentration on my o-technique I wanted to compensate suboptimal running speed. It turned out, that I could also set a reasonable speed and completed the course without real problems. On the longer routes, one could always use the paths for a long time. When the controls were in the green areas, one had to be careful, as the visibility was strongly reduced, but otherwise a very fast competition. In the end, I became fourth, not that far behind the podium. Both competitions let me look optimistic to the upcoming events.

Link to results of long distance: www.springcup.dk/springcup/springcup/2011/results/classic/class.htm

GPS replay of the long distance: germanmaster.traclive.dk/events/event_20110326_SpringCup/classic.html

Map Relay: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=77