25/10/2011 14:43

Stairs, stairs, stairs...

Last Friday, I participated in the Vienna Twin Tower Stair race - 680 stairs, 34 floors, approx. 130m climbing. It was my first race of this type and before the start, I didn't know how to start into such a competition and how long it might take one to get up the tower. After some runners, it turned out that the race will last for about 3 minutes. I decided for the following strategy: start fast, take two stairs at once and keep the speed high as long as possible. Sounds easy...

Afterwards, I can say, that the race passed very quickly. As the start intervall was 15 seconds, it came to severall overtakings, which was no problem as most runners let you pass easily. The last floors were really demanding, and I felt very exhausted at the finish line. There, my lung hurt and breathing was painful for many minutes, a feeling I just knew from cross country skiing races in winter. I am very happy with the result. I became second in 3:09, behind the Polish runner Piotr Lobodzinski (3:07).