08/07/2009 20:02

sunshine and thunder

As I started very early on the second stage of 5 days of dolomites, I had no tracks this time but I still could enjoy the nice terrain with nice weather. Some hours later, heavy clouds decided to unload a lot of rain on the passo rolle.

It was a nice thing to run on the open areas, between hundreds of cows ;) and in some technically interesting parts.

I was just unhappy with my orienteering to control 8, 9 and 15. The eight one, I passed it just by a few meters, looking always on the right side instead of left. I was to unsecure in the area. Number 9, I was still angry about control 8. To control 15, I made a parallel mistake, as I decided to change the route while running on the path on the left side.

Interesting was the route choice to control 10. I decided to go more or less straight, because left side seemed to be to far (drawn blue on the map) and on the right side I saw to many climbing meters on the last part (drawn green on the map). Anyway, my friends on the right side were faster than me. Checking the map again, I think the route on the left side, close to control 2 was the fastest, as there were nearly no meters of climbing.

Sorry for the bad quality of the map upload

090707 5days dolomites 2.jpg (514,5 kB)

The next two days, two middle distances are waiting.

Today we enjoyed the area around mount "Rosetta". Today, the weather was our friend.