18/10/2015 19:55

Switzerland – Austria – South Korea – Austria – Sweden – Austria – Sweden...

....and still no frequent traveller gold status.

The last two weeks were filled with competitions and travelling. After the world cup final, I was heading with my team mates to the military world games in South Korea. By just arriving the day before the first competition, we were unsure about our performance ability, due to 7 hours time change. Additionally, the temperatures still felt like summer.

Although I felt tired before and after the competitions, I couldn’t feel any difference during the race. Starting just after 12:00 p.m. (5:00 a.m. CET) was maybe advantageous to starting before lunch, when your inner body watch is still in sleeping mode.

To summarize the terrain/competitions: steep, green and route choices. In all three races, I was satisfied with my performance. 6th on the middle and 6th on the long was my output. But our whole team did well which was confirmed by a fifth place in the team result and a fourth place in the relay. When I ran my first CISM, some years ago ;), we were quite far away from the fight for the medals, which is happily not the case anymore.

Map middle distance

Map long distance

Map realy

Results CISM

Team picture, from left: Michael Koiser, Helmut Gremmel, Jakob Pauser, Christian Wartbichler, Matthias Reiner, Gernot Kerschbaumer, Robert Merl

Coming home, it was already nearly time to leave again. This time to Innsbruck, Austria, where the Austrian night championships were waiting. Some parts of the forest were quite flat with many small paths, especially in the night difficult to see. If you counted wrong, some easy looking controls turned out to be difficult. Additionally, no reflex were used. I tried to take enough time when it was necessary and trying to run max when it was possible. In general, it worked well, the gold medal was the reward.

The day after, middle distance Austriacup, I didn’t navigate well enough, finishing on second place, two seconds behind. The national Austrian season is finished, next weekend I will finish the Swedish season with the participation in the Smålandskavlen.

Map Austrian Night Championship

Map 10th Austriacup, middle distance

Podium Night Champs