16/05/2011 14:12

Team trip to Asiago - Italy

Last week, our national team spent some training days in the Asiago area of Italy. Three days of training in the rocky and stony parts of the high plateau, were followed by the participation in the qualification and final of the Italian Middle distance Championships. The competitions were hold in one of the nicest terrains I have been running in the past. It was still as technical as the trainings, but the runability was different, much better. During the trainings, you always had to keep an eye on the underground, to prevent a crash on the rocky surface (similar to France).

In the qualification, I had a fluent race without any serious troubles, but saved some energy for the final. As expected, the final was accompanied by heavy rain showers. Except of freezing fingers, I didn't care about the weather and focused on the technique. In the detailed areas, I stopped several times to get a clear picture of the map. Just in the last part, I didn't take enough time to read the map, so I lost some time by an extra loop. However, I was satisfied with my performance. I reached the second place in 31:36, but one minute behind the winner, Klaus Schgaguler.

Link to training and competition maps