09/06/2009 17:32

The Finnish Forest and me - NOC

Well, the first Worlc Cup Event 2009 is just over and I still have zero points ;)

But I want to talk about the relay on Sunday first. As usually in the younger past, I was running the first leg, with Markus and Bindi on the second and third leg. Everything went fine to the first control, but to the second I got lost, not far away from the control, but it took me some moments to relocate and 90 seconds were lost. Afterwards, I made nearly no mistakes, had the possibility to run close to Skjeset, Kaas and Dlabaja and so the gap to the leading teams did not increase that much. Anyway, place 16 with 2:20 behind was not as good as expected.

Today, during the warm-up for the middle distance, I visited again the area of the second control and I was afraid how easy it would have been ;)

In the middle distance race, I really tried to focus on the technique, direction, control area and to take as much time for map reading as necessary. Sounds reasonably and logically, but not always easy to follow these instructions ;)

The first three controls were fine. To the fourth I thought to be further right as I was and had to relocate on the left side of the control. To the second control on the right wing, I had my biggest mistake today. As I saw on the GPS, many runners had a similar problem there. I got to far to the right, still thinking to be on the right way. Then I had to stop surprised as I could see that it's already going downwards infront of me - some time lost. Afterwards I had some more insecurities during the loops and at the end of them David Schneider had caught me. Sometimes I could follow him, sometimes we took different route choices. He was running clearly faster, especially uphill. On the last part of the course I ran quite safe and had no bigger troubles.

38:22, nearly 6 minutes behind.

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