16/04/2012 21:13

Thermenland Open

Looking back on last weekend’s competitions, I’m both disappointed and satisfied. On Saturday, I got the silver medal in the Austrian sprint Championships (a total fourth place). I was very satisfied with my race, except of one stupid mistake to the 17th control, a rather easy looking control, but I just couldn’t see it and continued too far. So, I lost any chance for the victory, which then was clearly taken by Robert Merl. Matthias Müller and David Schneider were placed in between. My club mate Martin Binder took the bronze medal, yesss!

The competition terrain was varying very much. The first part was mostly a downhill race, as we had to run down the hill of the Riegersburg castle. Stone walls, vineyards and cliffs had to be considered, when making route choice decisions. The second part was through a part of Riegersburg village, before we entered a small forest for the last controls. The most difficult controls have been in the beginning and once reaching the village streets, you shouldn’t make any mistake, … But that’s orienteering... Anyway, I really enjoyed running this sprint.

The following day, I participated in the second Austriacup of the season. As it was no selection race, it wasn’t that important. As I made some bigger mistakes the previous days, I did everything to prevent me from that this time. The forest was a very fast one, where you had to take the direction very accurate, as most controls were attacked straight-line-forward. I achieved my goal, staying out of real mistakes (control 18 wasn’t set correctly).

In the end, I finished on the second place behind Matthias Müller, this time 30 seconds. Three times being quite close to him, that’s what I take with me, but of course, I know that he wasn’t running for his life…

I’m optimistic that I willimprove until the next important competitions are knocking on the door. On Thursday, I’ll go to Sweden doing some EOC training and participating in Stigtomtakavlen with Pan.

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Saturday + Sunday = Thermenland Open