01/05/2011 14:57

Tiomila, next time...


During the last weeks, I was quite busy with training camps and writing on my master thesis. So, time for an update (beginning with the recent events).

Tiomila 2011, my first big relay in the jersey for OK Pan-Kristianstad. After many first and last legs, I tried to do my best on the second leg, thus having a “real” night leg.

Well, my race was something in between good and bad, more or less OK, I managed to catch up 30 places (what doesn’t necessarily mean much on the second leg, when still many teams are quite close), but I lost 3 minutes to the top teams. 3 minutes, which could have been “easily” 0 minutes if I had been a little bit more patient in the difficult wilderness part. Instead, I took the lead of our “group” and headed much to far to the east, fortunately the others recognized and took their own route. After some hundred meters I recognized my mistake (obviously I mistrusted my compass for some hundred meters) and could some hundred meters further west a “flash-line” J I caught up myself and returned to flash-line, but the closer we were coming to the control, the more people were running criss-cross. Luckily, I took the right direction and woke up at my control – puh. Physically, I felt very confident throughout the whole race. As the level of difficulty decreased at the last part, I could catch again some runners, whom I lost plenty of minutes earlier.

So, I was not really satisfied with my race, but 22nd after two legs is still within the possibilities for the later runners. In total, some of our runners performed excellent, some didn’t have their best day, what can easily happen in this type of terrain. We took the 30th or 31st place in total (not easily said with the online-results), which was much less, what we were aiming for. Next time, next chance.

Tiomila map


The days before Tiomila, I spend with some friends in the Tiomila area, doing some day and night trainings. Especially in the night, you have to be really focused and careful, otherwise it might lead to longer “searching” periods.

Night Training Ekeberg


Last weekend, I participated in Elitserien in Jönköping. The long distance was as tough as expected, with dense vegetation, mostly undergrowth and bad visibility in many areas. It was a fight throughout the whole race. In the beginning, I had some smaller mistakes, maybe also took some bad route choices afterwards, but in general, I felt more and more confident the longer the race got. However, I took 29th place, with a running time of 1:48 hours. Olav Lundanes demonstrated, how a top performance looks like, 89 minutes. To come at least a little bit closer, I needed more trainings in this terrain and above all, more power in my legs for this type of terrain.

map part 1: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=95


The second day of Elitserien was a mass start prolonged middle, an interesting competition with a map change in the finish area. I had a good first loop, overtaking three runners in front of me, but caught again at the first control of the second loop. To control 16, I tried to escape from them, but I didn’t read the map carefully enough, landing on the wrong hill, losing two minutes. Somehow, I managed to focus again, and had a stable run on the final part, thus finishing on 26th place in total.

map part 2: ol.kartenarchiv.at/show_map.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at&map=96


The week before Easter, we had a national team training camp in Gant (Hungary), but before we had our obligatory team 5km track test run. I was aiming for a time below 15:20, but with 15:36, I was far behind my goal. I don’t want to look for excuses, I just want to become faster, so I have to train harder and/or different? It’s always easy to say, one has to train in a different way. But how does the different way look like? Is it granted that it will be more successful? People from outside usually know everything better….

The trainings in Hungary were hold together with the youth and junior team. The Gant area is known for its steep valleys, but good runability in general. With start training, middle q+f and relay, we also had some challenging fast o-trainings.

Map Middle Final Gant