12/10/2009 23:13

Top First Job

Last Sunday, I had my last competition in 2009. I took part in Graz Halfmarathon, a nice event with a lot of spectators and a motivating atmosphere along the whole course. I had a good feeling during the first kilometers in my legs and hoped to be much faster than the time I was aiming for (73min). But at km 10 I had to confess, that the beginning speed was to high and so I had to slow down during the second part.

Addittionally, I've got stitch already after 5 km, maybe my drinking habbits were not trained good enough. The pain accompanied my body until km 12. Anyway, I tried to ignore them as good as possible and except of the pain, I don't think they made my speed decrease.

On the last 2 km I tried to mobilise all my saved energies. I finished with a time of 72:47, place 6 in the hm-category. Moreover, I succeed in the "first job challenge", a separated category of all rookies.

                            time            min/km

0-5km                16:56            3:23

5-10km              16:37           3:19

10-15km            17:48           3:33

15-20km            17:50           3:34

20-21,1km           3:36           3.16

Now, it's time to recover, relax and drink some bottles of SISSI to get ready for the training period for season 2010.