27/05/2009 20:09

Tour de Norway

Since end of January, my girlfriend has been doing her internship in Bergen. The last 8 days of her stay in Norway, we travelled together between Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo. The Norwegian landscape is just wonderful, and so driving for hours and hours did not become boring, even if the weather was not always on your side. The highlights were definitely Preikestolen and Kjerag. Well, fortunately I did not make a wrong step and was just looking down some hundreds meters vertically. Standing on the "fallen rock" between two enormous cliffs, this was challenge enough for me.

Last thursday and saturday, we took part in the NOC qualification races, sprint and middle. The sprint was not that bad, route choice to control number 10 was suboptimal, and I lost some seconds to control 13, but the middle distance was a middle catastrophe for me. After a perfect start, which lastet just for 2 controls ;)  , I fell further and further back, losing many seconds at nearly every control. Bad route choices, some troubles in the control areas, difficulties in reading the map during stumbling through the forest. I was definitely not well prepared to run in such a terrain, my legs weren't either. Specially demanding were the numerous passages through the small valleys with the cliffs. The gap of 10 minutes to the impressive winning time was disappointing.

On the way back to Bergen, we stayed in Geilo, a nice place for all different kinds of sports, in summer and winter. After a biking tour in Geilo and two O-trainings in Bergen, we returned back home to Austria on Tuesday morning.

Some pictures, worth seeing, from places, worth visiting.

090521 NOM uttak - Sprint.jpg (580,5 kB)
090523 NOM uttak - Mittel.jpg (238,7 kB)