22/01/2012 20:52

Training update January

The training season is already two months old, and I'm still not bored by running in Vienna. Before moving to Vienna, I was not sure about that, but now I can say, that also Vienna offers good training possibilities. Currently, I'm focusing more on my running skills than on orienteering-technique, but with the team camp in Portugal in February, I'll have an o-technique block, before I'll head to Kenya in March.

After the New Year's Eve run in Vienna, I'll attent a regional cross-country run next Sunday to have a further running-shape test. As my coach and me have shifted my training system to higher intensity, already during the Winter trainings, it will be interesting for to see the running development  during the season.

Yesterday, I was given another credit for my results during the last season, by getting the price for "Sportsmen of the Years" in my club's district :)

Previous weekend, we joined a ski-touring camp, organised from the "Going to the top"-training group in the "Gesäuse". In eastern Austria (f.ex. Vienna), there is no snow at all, but some kilometers to the west, it's incredible how much snow they have. Unfortunately, with the fresh snow the danger of avalanches increased. As a result, we mostly had to stay in the open forests. As the weather was far from perfect, we didn't miss any nice view from the top of the mountains. Altogether, I enjoyed the weekend, walking up with the skis and do some powder snow skiing downwards (first time on alpine skiis since 5 years ago ;)