11/04/2011 11:28

Up and down in Switzerland

I spent the last weekend in Switzerland, taking part at the Swiss Sprint and Middle distance championships. The sprint was hold in the city of Bremgarten, offering some narrow passages in the old town, one longer route choice and many fast decisions, running either left or right around the block. As the starting field was very promising, I was looking forward to an interesting comparison. I felt quite good and secure in my navigation and took fast decisions. On the long route, I decided to take the right route, as the control seemed to be further up the stairs. However, the left route was faster by about 10 seconds. All  in all, I was satisfied with my race, losing 40 seconds to the winner Matthias Merz. In the end, I took place 16.

On Sunday, the middle champs were held in the forest next to Bremgarten. I think the most challenging part were controls 2 – 4. Unfortunately, I didn’t take enough time to enter the green area carefully (the visibility was not very good in the light green parts due to many, many small young trees), and especially, I somehow forgot to use my compass regularly, what a shame. Thus, I lost already a lot of time to controls 2 and 3. On the long route, it seems that I put my compass in my pocket, as I got too far to the right, up to a track, recognizing at the railway, that I am somewhere where I shouldn’t be. To control 7, I was already overtaken by the following two runners, leading to a steadily declining motivation. In such cases, I still have to learn to fight harder, even if everything seems lost…

To control 13 and 16, two more uncommon mistakes happened, nothing more to add. To sum up, my performance was everything else than I was aiming for. I hope to make the right conclusions and do much better in “Swiss Middleland” the next time.

Maps with route:

110409 SM Sprint HE1.jpg (797,9 kB)
110409 SM Sprint HE2.jpg (296,9 kB)
110410 SM Middle HE.jpg (1,6 MB)