02/06/2011 20:19

Vienna academic championships

Last Wednesday, I participated in the Vienna academic championships. It was a prolongued sprint competition (4,4km) expecting a winning time slightly over 20 minutes. Together with Christian Wartbichler and Wolfgang Siegert, we were representing "Fachhochschule Wr. Neustadt". Last year, the Austrian sprint championship were hold on the same park. In  between, some runners participated in another competition and a few trainings. However, my goal was to fight for the victory, an our team goal was to win the team competition.

I tried to make the right conclusions from the Austrian sprint ch. and avoided unnecessary pre-reading. It turned out to be successful and I had no real troubles (to 7th I hesitated where to pass the green area). In the end, I had the fastest time, ahead of Erik and Warti. As Wolfi was 4th, we were clearly taking the team victory :)



Today, the national team (youth, junior, elite) travelled to Tyrol for a 4 day camp. The first training was at "Obernberger See", a very challenging terrain (runability and technically). That's where I got a torn ligament last year...