11/06/2012 23:05

Watching CISM

Sitting and doing nothing. That was my task during today's CISM long distance in Denmark. The day before, I finished the short distance on the 9th place, but twisted my ankle in the finish run in. I hope to be at the start at the relay on Wednesday, I'm optimistic for that.

My middle distance race was quite good, just in the middle of the course I lost some time, due to suboptimal route choices, and thus some places. It was important to adapt one's technique between the faster parts and the controls in the green areas, which I mostly manage well, but not always. This year's competitions were completely different to the last CISM, as the technical level was very very very high. Already the model event opened everybody's eyes.... And as the relay will be in the same forest, we can expect another very challenging competition.

Map Middle Distance with route

CISM Long Part1.jpg (829 kB)

CISM Long Part2.jpg (1 MB)