15/05/2009 11:25

Weekend preview - Austrian Championships

On Sunday, we will find out who will become Austrian Middle distance Champion 2009. Both, women and men will fight in St. Jakob i. R. (south Austria) for medalls. I hope we will see interesting courses in an interesting terrain. As I am a "nice weather runner" I hope that weather forecasts will change ;) My goal, of course, is to defend last year's victory.




The day before, we have a special relay, seeing Austrian's regions competing in the "Bundesländerstaffel" (5 person relay). For some regions it's a more important for other regions (including ours I guess) a less important race.

The training week so far was loaded with uphill intervall, longjog, special strength training, also common stuff, but also with a Spiroergometry in Vienna on a treadmill: start at 8 km/h, and every minute an increase of 0.5 km/h. I finished after 20.5 km/h. Disappointing or not, the result is not always easy to analyse I found out. Some experts rely on VO2 max, others don't consider it as that important. At least in orienteering, I think other parameters are more reliable (I hope for me ;) , as my VO2 max was at 67,80. Already in 2002, it was above 70, but on a different treadmill with different machines. Conclusio: all that glitters is not gold. 

Below, my colleague and friend Warti: do you know the famous phrase in Starwars: "It's me, your father" ;)