08/08/2011 15:40

Welcome Home

After the return from Rio, I got a nice Welcome at Vienna airport. I could celebrate with my girlfriend, friends and relatives. Thanks for that. Furthermore, the next evening my home commune Pinggau and my home club commune Pinkafeld organized a welcome party in Pinkafeld, together with Richard. I took much pleasure in this welcome, as many many people from my home Village Sparberegg were there, as many relatives, my home music band, ice stick club and fire brigades and many more. Thanks to everybody contributing to a nice evening.

Here’s also a link to the relay map from Brasil.

Last days I had my final WOC preparation, including a stay in Annecy. Although one can’t spend too much time in that kind of terrain to get more and more experience, I think, I had a good preparation there with several days in relevant terrain, hoping that I know what to do…

Link to more pictures