30/12/2012 09:29

Welcome to the summer

Although the temperatures at Christmas in Austria were far away from winter temperatures, it was still not that hot and sunny as here in Australia. Leaving late 26th in Vienna, the Austrian team selection arrived on early 28th, local time in Melbourne, where we headed towards Beechworth, participating on the last three days of “5 days of Christmas”.

On my first stage, my running performance was similar to my body feeling – a catastrophe. The map “Kangaroo Crossing” offered a technical interesting course, with all the stones and just a few paths. On the fourth stage (my second one) the running feeling felt a little bit more normal, but the technique was worse this time. Maybe I was looking too much for gold instead of the controls. The map “Rowdy flat” was a popular place for gold digging decades ago. After tomorrow’s last stage in Beechworth (a lovely city marketing its golden history) we are looking forward to a rocky New Year’s Eve at Melbourne Beach, before we are heading to New Zealand on the first of January, taking final preparations for the World Cup series, starting on the 6th.

Ladies and Gentlemen, have a good slide (guten Rutsch) into 2013, Happy New Year!!!

Map stage 3 Kangaroo Crossing

Map stage 4 Rowdy Flat


Australian Christmas tree :)

Mt. Buffalo

Mt. Buffalo Panorama




close to Beechworth

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My favourite :)

The Hobbit

The Hobbits