12/07/2009 16:16

wet, wet, wet

With day 3 and 4 of dolomites 5 days, two middle distances waited for us, once with 13 controls, and onced with 22 controls. I wanted to run both with full speed, on day 3 I finished on place 3, with no real mistake, but 2,5 minutes behind Gonon. I lost one minute on the long route and also to the first control, some seconds were lost by passing the river in the beginning.

090709 5days dolomites 3.jpg (980,4 kB)

The next day, we ran in the same terrain as the JWOC middle final was hold. My problem was, that to some controls I was just running, without concept, trusting that I would see the control, once I got close enough to it, but this was not the case already at the second control. I am sure that something at control 7 was not correct mapped, or the control situated too high. Still angry about my mistake there, I mad some extra meters to control 8. The second part of the course was somehow different, better visibility and different (better) runability. I left my anger on the first part and started to navigate quite well, which brought back joy in running. In the end place 5, but incredible 4,5 minutes behind Millinger, who showed a very strong performance.

090710 5days dolomites 4.jpg (1 MB)

On the last day, I managed to run with that speed which allowed me to navigate very accurately in most parts. Just some smaller mistakes happened, but altogether a nice ending, kicking me from place 8 to 6 in the overall ranking, with second fastest time of the day (but 3 minutes behind Gonon).

090711 5days dolomites 5.jpg (987,1 kB)

I enjoyed watching JWOC competitions, keeping fingers crossed for Austrian runners. The organisers did a good job, they just were not bargaining good enough with the weather God ;) I was lucky, I did not have to run in heavy rain falls, or even hail, which made reading the map in the green areas nearly impossible, as it was too dark, but that's what we have to deal with.

After some training days in Austria, I'll leave with Austrian army team and club mates to O-Ringen :)