05/10/2015 16:15

Where is it steeper?

In Arosa, World Cup Final, or Military World Championships (CISM) in South Korea? In the Swiss Mountains, between 1600 and 2200m or on the slopes between the rice fields in Yeongju?

Unfortunately, I missed the long distance race in Arosa due to sickness, which required strong up- and downhill running. Just from watching the GPS my legs got tired. However, I was happy to be on the start of the middle distance, the World cup final offering double World Cup points. Before the last two races, ranked on 13th place, I still had some hopes to get into the top 10 in the end.

Unsure about the consequences of the short illness break, I wanted to do excellent technical orienteering, as we had 29 controls on the 6.5km long course. In the end, 26 good controls out of 29 are and were not good enough. Why not 29 out of 29? Why not 100%? The typical question (most) orienteers have to deal with. Small problems to the third and fourth control, bigger problem at the 12th control and wrong route choice to the 18th control. But as I am a positive person, I don’t want to forget that I approached 25 controls in a good way. In general, I enjoyed running down the mountain. As I grew up on a mountain (ok, let’s call it hill), it felt like running to the school bus.

The result. With 37 minutes and some seconds, I got a 15th place in the last World cup 2015 competition. In the overall World cup ranking, I got a 18th place (one of my lucky numbers). In comparison, I am on the 31st place in the current World Ranking.

Map with route choice

Result World Cup Middle distance

Overall World Cup

Back to the steepness. World Cup 2015 is history, but CISM just to come. The model event map looks different (maybe some similarities to Japanese contours – WOC 2005) to what we are used to in Europe, but isn’t it nice with new challenges?

The first challenge is waiting on Wednesday, the middle distance, followed by  the long distance on Thursday and the relay on Saturday.

At the MWGs, Orienteering is one of 25 sports, participating in these Military World Games, military Olympics so to say. Follow the excitement on www.korea2015mwg.org

Pictures from Switzerland