09/12/2012 22:16

White, white, white

Time passes, and with the time my last news update. Since then some things changed, some things are still the same.

What has changed? My job, my living place, my work place

What hasn't changed? Orienteering passion, coach, car, ....

A few weeks ago, I was moving to Sweden, to Åhus in southern Sweden, thinking there wouldn't be that much snow and such a coldness than further north.... But after one week with -5 till -12 degrees and a lot of snow I have to adopt my expectations. But also in Austria it has been untypicial cold and as New Zealand is waiting, I don't really care about the weather here. Although I'm only living a few meters from the beach, I haven't tried yet to take a swim in the sea - the Sauna temperature hasn't been high enough yet for that step.

Looking back to the orienteering season, it ended successful, with a victory in Austria's night championship and Austria Cup, taking the 2nd place in the last competition.

Map Night Championship

Map Austria Cup n°11

This year, I finally managed to get on real holidays after season's end. With some friends, I was going for diving holidays in Koh Tao, Thailand. Looking back, I can only say, impressive what the underwater world has to offer.

Thailand Picture Gallary

A few days later, I was driving to Sweden, where I'm training and working with OK Pan Kristianstad and Hotel Ahusstrand. Thanks for that opportunities!!! But also thanks to my former employer ICG!!!

But already after two weeks, I went back to Austria by plane for joining a National Team meeting and the federations yearly gala: YoutubeVideo Afterparty

Last weekend, with OK Pan we spent some training days in Tiomila 2013 area.


Have a nice pre-christmas time.