15/08/2011 11:46

WOC :)

After two qualification races at WOC I am happy to be in both finals, long and middle. But in both disciplines, there is still room for improvement. In general, I feel comfortable in the terrain and like to navigate in the tricky areas.

Some more comments about the races:

Long Qualification: Already to the first control I lost some time, as I was confused how many ditches that were in the terrain were not on the map. The map said, the depression with the control will be close to the small path, but there were several others in between. Anyway, there were still many controls to come and to focus on. The open area was something different, but nice to run away from the cows. On the long leg I decided to take the left route, as the path lead me close to the control. Controls like the sixth one, were I think rather difficult, as I was not totally sure to be on which height. In fact, I was some meters too high and had to go back, one I reached the path behind the control. My biggest mistake, I did to number 8. I was unsure which depression in the terrain should represent which depression on the map. Additionally, I made a parallel mistake, as I thought to be one depression line behind the control, headed back, up the hill, saw the house on the field, ran to the next path, and tried once again – bingo J Afterwards, I stayed without further problems and tried to keep my concentration high until the end. I finished on place seven, 9 minutes behind Thierry, but only three behind the second. So, learning from my mistakes and improve in the final J

Middle qualification: I started together with Thierry and Pasi. As I found a better passage, I was first of us on the road to control 1, yes J but soon afterwards overtaken by Thierry’s fast and big steps. Anyway, I got a good start and found a good and clear navigation during the first controls. To control three, I hesitated a little bit, but as the control was situated on a terrace, I thought I have to see it when I keep direction. On the long route to number 5, I think I took a good choice, but close to the control, I once didn’t check the direction and ended up far away from the control on the next hill. As it was my first mistake, I still was confident to be on a good way. Two controls later, I had to rethink my opinion, as I made a huge mistake to an easy looking control – just keep the direction after running up the reentrance on a path. Easy thought, but clearly failed. I took several extra loops until I realized that I have to go slightly further up to the left. Hui, now I wasn’t sure any more if the final is still in reach, but I tried everything and started to run and navigate as I also should have done before, without further mistakes. In the end I got a save 10th place. I think, I know what to do better in the final and I will try everything to keep to this plan.

So, two interesting finals are waiting. I can’t wait for running my first WOC long final J

 Link to maps with route: ol.kartenarchiv.at/index.php?user=gernotkerschbaumer.at