13/07/2012 10:02

WOC, here we go...

Some days and weeks have passed since my last participation in an orienteering competition (Jukola). Those weeks were accompanied by some ups and downs. Firstly, I twisted my right ankle at CISM short distance, but was competing again in the relay and at Jukola. Then, coming back home, I did some medical tests, which destroyed my World Cup participation ambitions and endangered even my WOC participation, as one of my ankle ligaments was torn again.

Between an immediate surgery and alternative treatment, I chose the latter one and started my final WOC preparations, not in a style as planned before, because I had to skip the WC with the team camp, but still satisfying. As the situation with the ankle got better and better, I planned a short o-training camp in Lausanne last week. My ankle didn’t make any further problems, so I decided to participate in the disciplines as planned before, Middle, Long and Relay.

Summing up, the last weeks weren’t easy, but now, I am confident about my shape and above all, I’m very happy that I can participate at all. Already after the first competition, long distance qualification on Sunday, I'll get a first feedback, what's possible....