19/09/2011 12:43

WOC in Austria...

...or at least Austria's Long Distance Championship was hold in a terrain, nearly as difficult as at WOC in France this summer. The organiser said in advance, that we will face challenges on a high level, demanding control areas with a lot of stones and stone blocks in between. The JEC Long Distance was hold some hours before in the same area. Before my start, I was the last at 15:21, I could see the dark clouds coming closer and closer. The first half the weather was still fine, but on the way to the 15th, heavy showers begun and I started missing my night-O-lamp in the dense forest parts (controls 16-20).

In general, I had a good solid race, started carefully into the tricky controls, tried to increase the speed on the longer routes (11-16) and to slow down in the later difficult controls. However, I was sometimes insecure in the control areas, but took enough time to relocate and correct the direction. Just in the green loop (17-20) I felt sometimes hopeless as reading the map was very difficult. Afterwars, I didn't have any serious troubles and could win in 86minutes, ahead of Warti (89min) and Markus (92min). It was a pleasure to run on this map, as usually we don't have competitions in such demanding terrains, although we would have enough of them in Austria. For the course setter, it's maybe not always easy to set an adequate "long distance style" course for every category in such a terrain.

Yesterday, the national Relay Championship was hold in the same type of terrain, but with 1:7.500 scale for everybody (the day before elite categories hat 1:10.000 - luckily not 1:15.000 as at WOC ;) So the readability was fine despite some rain and navigating became a real pleasure. I was running with Martin Binder and Markus Lang. Bindi could already get a nearly 3 minutes lead, Markus could keep it and I just lost a few seconds to Erik. So, after one year break, the relay gold is back in Pinkafeld and should stay there a few years more....

Map Long
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