18/07/2012 10:47

WOC Middle Final - "Middle" Result

Looking back to yesterday’s competition, middle distance final at the World Champs in Switzerland, I can say that I tried everything to get my best WOC result ever, but in the end place 20 was the outcome. Even without my mistakes in the end, more than a 10th place was not in reach. Well, what happened?

Going back some days, I started with the Long Qualification race on Sunday, which gave me a good feedback, as I finished on the fourth spot, getting my best long qualification result so far. I had a good feeling, found a good rhythm and enjoyed running in the nice forest (maybe the “nicest” one concerning runability) – but from a technical point of view we can also call it “boring” ;)

The following day, middle distance qualification was on schedule. Again, I found a good rhythm and finished without any serious mistake, thus allowing me to win my first qualification heat ever. J But I’m long enough in the business to know, that qualification races are nothing more than the way to define the start list for the final. But the same time, it’s good to know that you are able to perform well in that type of terrain.

And I tried nothing different in the final. I had a good start, found a good rhythm, got straight to most of  the controls… Just in the end, getting more and more tired, my routines didn’t work that properly and some small mistakes occurred – and one bigger one to the 17th control. So, I was just too slow yesterday… Congrats to a new winning face on top!!!

Tomorrow, the long distance final, another day, another chance…

Thanks to "Mister World of O" for the excellent pictures!!!