04/06/2009 15:23

WOC selection

Last weekend, the Austrian national team had selection races 3 & 4 in Hungary, Miskolc, in the famous Bük mountains :) Well, I managed to qualify, but I'm not proud of my performance in selection race 4.

First, we had a sprint-competition somewhere in Miskolc, mixture of forest and settlement area. Controls 4-6 in the forest were really tricky. Maybe I lost some seconds due to some suboptimal route choices, otherwise there were no real mistakes. Generally, I was not happy with my handling. Too often, I recognised myself being not far enough ahead with my orienteering. So I really had to stop sometimes in between. Finally, I lost 4 seconds to Martin Binder, who even made some mistakes. So Bindi had 2 victories out of 3 races, me one.

Consequently, I wanted to win the middle distance the next day. But I should notice that I would be far away from winning. Many runners had problems with control 5. I had enormous troubles, and lost something about 6!!! minutes. I left the control area twice to relocate but I didn't find the control afterwards. Luckily, after having punched the women control, I could find the men's control together with Thomas Lang (starting three minutes behind me). I tried to forget about the mistake, but already at control 7, the next bigger one was waiting for me. I stopped too early and lost another 1-2 minutes. Especially in the end, I became tired and lost some more minutes because of physical incompetence. With 51minutes, I lost 4 minutes to the fastest Austrian, Wolfgang Siegert, and even 10 minutes to the fastest from the day, Michal Smola. This was not only disappointing but also frustrating.

The next day, our team took part in a relay competition. I was first leg runner and this time I could show a satisfying performance. I managed to run ahead from the 4th control onwards. Although it was raining heavily, it made much more fun than the previous day (same map). On the middle distance we had 25 controls during 6,5 km, but on the relay, 16 on 6,8km. This time, I did not have that many opportunities to make mistakes and I could finish without any mistake and additionally, some selfconfidence in my pockets. My teammates, Wolfgang Siegert and Markus Lang also did good jobs, that's why we managed to take the victory this day.


090530 WOC Quali Sprint.jpg (679,2 kB)
090531 WOC Quali Middle.jpg (799,5 kB)

The three best results out of four selection races were used to calculate the ranking.

The team composition will be anounced officially during the next days, but there should not be any surprises from the unofficial version (Kerschbaumer, Siegert, Binder, Wartbichler, Lang, Krejci).