12/09/2012 22:44

World Cup 2012, over and done

EOC in Sweden, Pre-WOC in Switzerland, WOC in Switzerland and Nordic Tour in Scandinavia, that was the „World“ Cup 2012. 13 competitions, 6 of them sprint competitions,… Although I like the sprints, I think the relation sprints – forest competitions was biased. Seems to be the trend….

As I said, I like sprint competitions and thus I enjoyed the NORT format itself. The travelling and related expenses could be less!!!!!!!!  World Cup competitions have to be joint by more countries.

With my performance in the NORT, I’m only partly satisfied. The beginning was not promising, missing the sprint final in Oslo. On the long leg I lost too many seconds, due to a bad route choice realization.

The second stage, middle distance on Holmenkollen, was actually quite nice, especially the first part with short controls in the detailed area. I had a good flow from the beginning, but missed the 18th control, passing it too high. Unfortunately, the arena was visited by only a few “non-team-members”.

Third stage, knock-out sprint in Gothenburg, my goal was to “survive” the qualification, but I failed again. A “black-out” mistake to the 5th control and some smaller ones afterwards were too much for a semi-final place. The controls on the forested hills made the K.O.-heats more exciting than in previous years. One might just think about a better punching system for this kind of  sprint, because many seconds passed from the first to the last “puncher” at one control.

Some kilometers and hours later, the last two stages were on schedule. The sprint in Kajaani should finally bring a final place in one of the NORT sprints, and yesss, with the 21st place in the qualification I succeeded. The final came even better and with the 8th place I got a Top10 place in this year’s Worldcup, finally!!! Both, qualification and final were really interesting, in both you you had to be careful with the route choices, otherwise one could easily end up in a dead-end-street, as I did on the way to the second last control in the final. But still, I was happy with the result.

The last stage, a chasing start based on the four previous NORT stages, was on WOC Middle and Relay relevant terrain. As a result of the small gaps in the previous races, group building was observed, also around me, we were about ten runners at the most! Anyway, as these kinds of races don’t happen that often, I enjoyed it very much. It was a tough fight, men against men from the beginning to the end. In the end, I improved from 24th to 18th place, but also place ten was not so far ahead. A mistake to the 22nd control prevented me from a better position.

At the bottom line, I ended up at the 17th place in the World Cup 2012. Well, could be better, could be worse. Unfortunately, as written in the beginning, not all World Cup races were worth titled “World Cup” due to the number of participating countries,…

The last days, our team, now grown up to 8 people, spent some more days in the Vuokatti area, getting a further impression of the different WOC 2013 terrains. I like!

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