16/06/2009 08:10

World Cup Sprint and Jukola

After a zero-point start in World Cup season 2009 on Tuesday, I was eager to make some points in the Sprint and also qualify for the final. I had a good feeling during my qualification heat. I was convinced that I would need a mistakeless run to take the final. To the second control I took the wrong route, right instead left side and lost some decisive seconds. On the long route to control six, I decided to run on the right side arount the hill which seemed to be faster. Until the end I continued whitout any mistake and hoped to be qualified. Finally, I was four seconds too slow, a clear disappointment. At least I got four World Cup points.

Although the final was exciting to watch, running myself would have been more exciting.

090610 WC Sprint Quali.jpg (843,7 kB)

Anyway, Jukola was soon to come and so I left the World Cup disappointments behind in Salo. After some technique trainings around Mikkeli, I was ready to run the first leg. The arena on the hourse course was quite impressive, so was the startfeeling. Running, running, running, some kilometers. Although I thought to be further behind at the first control, I punched it on place 24, I saw from the split times. As I had no troubles on the following controls, I could take the lead to the 5th control, but only to lose it again to the 7th ;), due to a small mistake. I continued my run in the pack, but took another route choice with some other guys on the longer route to control 130. As many hesitated in the control area (the white on the map was somehow semi-open forest), I could take the lead again with two other guys and also was on second position at the TV control. But my running shape was on a downwards trend. And it was not better at the next control, that's why I decided to take the route on the left side, I think I was the only one among 1400 runners. I just wanted to prevent me from running uphil throug the green area and I haven't seen that there would have been a path close to the impassable fence (to control code 54). Some seconds there and nearly another minute to the next forked control (48) where I was already very close to the control but ran to the left instead of right - and then back again. It seems that to control 152 it would have been faster to run arount the marsh-green area, which surprised me a little bit because running straight was quite good. Although I felt already more or less "dead" at the last control, I could overtake three runners in the run-in. As usually, you are never the only one who is tired at the finish line ;)

I could send our second runner of Helsingin Suunnistajat on place 38 into the forest, not satifying for me, nor the club. Finally, we finished Jukola 2009 on place 73, after 52 the previous year.

090613 Jukola.jpg (1,7 MB)