30/06/2009 09:51

Worldcup Norway - 2 Points

My goal for World Cup races in Oslo last weekend were to gain as many points as possible. Coming home with 2 was not what I was aiming for...

After training in end of May in Oslo and the Model Event, I expected tricky controls with heavy runability (at least for Middle European terrain used runners). During the first part until the TV control at control 7, I had a solid race with solid speed, but afterwards I had a small mistake at least every control, either I was hesitating too much, taking wrong (micro) route choice or just couldn't see the falg just a few meters close to it. After 10 minutes gap end of may in the NOM uttak, I finished "just" 5:30 behind the same winner. I never lost more than one minute, but the small mistakes added up. And of course, my physical performance was not good enough. Place 39 among 92 starters in the end.

090626 WC Middle Norge.jpg (611,3 kB)

The next day, we had a chase start accodring to the results of the previous day. The gaps between the runners were pretty close, I was 10 seconds behind Kowalski, 4 behind Haldin and 10 ahead of Kärner.

As the first 7 controls were very close to each other, some bigger groups were already formed quite early. Already at the second control we became a bigger group, close to 10 runners I guess, including Marc Lauenstein, who showed a high speed afterwards, too high for me on the path to control 8. I didn't care about the runners close to me, as both, runners who started before and after me, did some mistakes very early. I had no troubles the following controls and could run in the lead of our group, which counted just two people (Kowalski and me) at the first butterfly loop. After the second refreshment control, which was located rather strange during one of the wings of the looping system instead of a control which we passed twice, we had a bigger mistakke to control 14. We must have been just a few steps away of the flag, but as the forest was rather dark there I we could not see the stone which covered the flag. After losing some seconds (or minute) at control 14 and some more seconds at control 16, our group became bigger again and also the bibnumbers in it have increased.

I didn't manage to find a suitable route on the long one, so I decided to join the group's choice, which was on the right side and not the fastest one as we lost 2 minutes. At the next refreshment control the group increased to 10-15 people. Unfortunately noone exactly knew which refreshment control we left, otherwise we would not have needed that long to go to the next control.

On the long route afterwards we stayed too long on the path and made some extra meters, me even more and became very angry that I didn't orienteer myself.  Both, my mental and physcial condition were on a downward trend and I couldn't stop it the following controls. So more and more runners passed me. On the last short loop I could start enjoying the race again and finished on place 44. I already have been on place 32, but just after 30 minutes.

In both competitions, I was satisfied with the first part, but I will need stable performance over the whole course to get better results.

I'm looking forward for the competitions in O-Ringen and then of course to the WOC in Hungary, where we will face completely different conditions, that's for sure ;)

090627 WC Long Chase.jpg (960 kB)

During the whole weekend, the Austrian Team = Felix and me, were hosted by Fam. Hagman. Thank you for the nice atmosphere and the support.