08/10/2013 01:27

Worldcup season adé...

Season nearly finished.

I’m looking back to the Worldcup final in Switzerland with different feelings (concerning my performances).

Firstly, I underperformed in the middle distance, losing too much time the longer the race became. Why? Too many bad micro-route choices, too weak in the uphill. In the end, I took the 30th place, putting no more points on my WC-account due to the “2 out of 4” rule (two best result from 3 WOC competitions + middle distance in Baden) :(

Map with GPS

pictures: Franz Hartinger

However, as a result of collecting plenty of points in New Zealand and at WOC, I got a place in the final sprint race on Sunday. As we were running for double points and as a few guys positioned ahead of me in the overall ranking were skipping the final, I still saw some chance to get from the 23rd place into the top 20. After some sprint trainings prior this week in Italy, my sprint routines were working properly. Of course I also lost a few seconds due to suboptimal route choices (I think you are quite unlikely to get 100% of the fastest route choices in a race like that), but never lost the “red line”. As usual in that kind of high quality starting field, the gaps were very small in my result area, in the “pack” as we call it. Luckily, I was in the first part of the pack, taking the 16th position.  :)

Thirdly, I finished the World cup season on place 18, even ahead of Thierry. But it took me twelve competitions, he needed only two at WOC ;)

Sprint Map with GPS

Results World Cup Baden

Overall Worldcup

With 25manna and middle distance WRE on the coming weekend, my season comes to an end, whereas Simone, Matthias L and Matthias M said goodbye to the international top league last weekend. All three were enrichments for our sport. Thank you!!!

I witnessed even all their WOC gold medals live. Sounds I’m getting old, but I will continue my career ;)

Last Friday, our team participated in the mixed sprint relay, in a format which should be applied also in next year’s WOC in Italy. It was the first time that I was running with the touch-free SportIdent system. It was interesting to test it, many different control approaching techniques were observed. It offers some minor new aspects in “how to run a sprint course” – including punching methods (risk vs. safety). Especially on the first and the last leg, it might contribute to more fairness. At least there are two more possibilities to apply the system under competition conditions, in Turkey and Kongsberg. Then we will see at WOC, if one unique “punching” style has been developed ;)