24/06/2010 14:56

Worldcup sprint in Stockholm - na bumm

Second stage of Nordic Orienteering Tour was hold in Stockholm, with the qualification and quarter final in the university park and semi-final and final in the old town. Prior to the competition, my goal was to reach the quarter final, which ment to be in the top 30. Concerning the strong starter field, not easy reach.

In the qualification race I got the right speed from the beginning, taking enough time to read the map carefully in the more difficult areas. I didn't have serious troubles throughout the race which brought me on a good and satisfying 14th place in the qualification and a ticket to the quarter final.

I knew that it might get really difficult to qualify for the next round, as I was in the mass start with Daniel Hubmann, Graham Gristwood, Valentin Novikov, Erik Rost and Fredrik Johansson. It soon turned out, that I might not keep the speed of th fastest in the heat, so I tried different route choices to the fifth control onwards. But as most times, there were only minor differences, I had no chance to get closer. So the gap became bigger and bigger and with it, my knock-out in the quarter final. As I had the 26th time of all quarter-final runners, I got no World cup points, because for stage 1 and 2 only the half points are provided to the fastest 25th. Therefore, there are double points for overall standings in NORT. I understand the reasons behind this calculation, but as I won't take part in Oslo, I'm not happy with this rule.

The good thing of my early knock-out was, that I had no hurry to the airport ;)

All in all, I really enjoyed this kind of competition and I think it's a nice competition type within the World Cup. Generally, I also like the idea of a nordic tour, but high costs and a very long period (10 days for 3 competitions + Jukola) caused a some how "elitist" starter field.


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